Food and Wines of Sicily
  • Rosso Peperoncino

    Rosso Peperoncino (Central Taormina)

    The name means 'red chilli pepper' and the menu is based on the sort of food that would be served in a Sicilian home with the occasional twist - small but genuine menu! Lovely setting with well established garden for summer dining - restaurant itself was probably someone's house once upon a time (there is even a front porch with a couple of tables) though interior design has been tastefully adapted to restaurant. Caponata, parmigiana and mixed fish grill! Rosso Peperoncino.

  • Vicolo Stretto

    Vicolo Stretto (Central Taormina)

    The name means 'narrow alley' as access to this restaurant is via a tiny passageway with steps leading to the entrance on the first floor. Best seats here are on the part of the terrace overlooking the square (Piazza IX Aprile) and the pretty church San Giuseppe's rooftop (hope that the bell doesn't ring whilst you are there)! Fine dining with extensive menu and some more unusual dishes. Vicolo Stretto

  • L'Incontro

    L'Incontro (Central Taormina)

    The name means 'the meeting place' and has a fresh, modern interior with small kitchen on full display so you can see the chef at work and airy veranda with sea view for summer dining. Extensive menu and quality dining - try their pasta 'L'Incontro'! L'Incontro

  • Il Barcaiolo

    Il Barcaiolo (Taormina by the Sea)

    The name means 'the boatman' and, situated in the enchanting Bay of Mazzaro with its summer terrace facing onto the part of beach used by the local fisherman, the emphasis is on fish and seafood. Excellent quality in heavenly surroundings - lazy atmosphere in the midday sun, very romantic by moonlight! Il Barcaiolo

  • Le Naumachie

    Le Naumachie (Central Taormina)

    Takes its name from the brick construction opposite, once believed to be part of a giant cistern used by the Romans for the reconstruction of naval battles (Naumachie means naval battle). The restaurant itself has stylish tables at its entrance in a little back street amongst the local dwellings and a summer roof terrace. Fine dining with tremendous attention to detail. Le Naumachie

Best Hotels To Sample Food & Wine In Taormina

Hotel Villa Angela #1 HOTEL VILLA ANGELA By far and away my favourite hotel in Sicily for the sheer beauty of the scenery, astonishing local restaurants, beautiful rooms and great service is the Hotel Villa Angela in Taormina on Via Leonardo Da Vinci. My trips to Villa Angela have inspired my love of Taormina and great authentic Sicilian food & wine!

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  • This site is a labour of love about my passions; Food, Wine and Taormina the jewel in the crown of Sicily. Everything you read has been gained from personal experience and a wonderful decade of visits! Jan 9, by CC

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